7 Most Common SEO Mistakes Leading to Downfall of Rankings

January 16, 2018


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In order to make your SEO efforts fall fruitful, you need to walk throughout search engine optimization process with one of the Best SEO Company by breaking myth barriers. It is an investment of time and effort and hence you must be aware of the facts instead of relying on mouth-traveled misconceptions. Have a glimpse at them and watch out if you are making them:

1. Duplication of Content

Before few years, it was common to publish the duplicate content on your site and people were getting positive results too. Unfortunately, now it won’t help you to increase the website position. Instead of that Google can penalize your website or drop the position of your site for publishing Duplicate content. So experts of SEO company in Adelaide advice everyone to publish the original content on a website and publish the informative blogs to increase user engagement.

Sometimes people love particular post or content so much that they can’t resist to share it with an audience. Anyone can share the content but don’t forget to give credits or to mention the source and link back to original post.

2. Promoting less to Low-Quality Content

Website owners hire the content writer at the lowest cost or some of them use article spinning software and thinks that what’s wrong with that? Well, it matters a lot. It may be one of the reasons that ranking is not improving. Content is king in SEO, keep it in mind and publish content not only for ranking purpose but target your audience.

Try to add value to your content by publishing something new and unique which is not already published. Publish grammatically correct and engaging content to increase the chances of rank high.

3. Stressing more about Link ‘Quantity’ instead of ‘Quality’

Quality always matters over quantity. Getting 10 backlinks from low PR sites won’t improve your ranking but 1 backlink from high PR site will definitely help you. 1 backlink from high PR site is equal to 10 low-quality backlinks. So focus on quality over quantity. Search out 10 high PR sites and work on them instead of working on 100 low PR sites.

Try to get links from reputed websites which belongs to your niche. Avoid sites which have a lot of outgoing links and last but important never ever link to adult or gambling website.

4. Getting Backed by Spam Links

Avoid getting spam backlinks as we talked about the importance of quality of backlinks in above point. Low quality or spam link is not useful nowadays.

5. Spamming over Anchor Text

Let’s take an example of SEO Company, want traffic on their keyword which is “SEO company Adelaide” so they get hundreds of backlinks for that particular keyword by adding SEO company Adelaide in anchor text.

Don’t do such things. If you are best SEO Company in Adelaide people will automatically link to you. Don’t spam over anchor text and try to mix other keywords with the brand name.

6. Ignoring Mobile-friendliness of Website

If you don’t have a user-friendly website, make it as soon as possible. In 2014, smartphone users surpassed the desktop users in accessing the internet. So think about the mobile-friendly website before it’s too late.

7. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a practice in which there are a lot of targeted keywords on a single page which doesn’t make any sense to the visitor and they hate such websites, don’t you? Well, even Google also hates such website whose motive is to gain the rank only. Doing keyword stuffing it will lower the ranking down.