Improve Customer Service by Offering Package Tracking Capabilities

January 16, 2018


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Having the best possible customer service is something you should strive for as a business owner. Almost every company relies on their customers to survive. Offering the best care to your clients whether you offer services, a retail location, own a restaurant, etc. is one of the most important things you can do. If you own a company that has packages regularly entering and leaving your warehouse or storefront, offering tracking capabilities is an excellent way to improve your customer service.

During the holidays and busier seasons, you may send out hundreds of packages from your company to customers across the country or in some cases the world. Even smaller brands may end up with a high demand of items that can lead to a multitude of shipments, and keeping track of these shipments can be nearly impossible on your own. Often, the best option for your brand is to implement some form of tracking software that can handle these items for you. You will be able to scan parcels as they leave your facility and track the shipment until it arrives at your customers doorsteps.

When you offer these tracking capabilities to your customers, it not only greatly benefits them but also your business as a whole. During the checkout process for your brand, or after an order has been processed and shipped, you should offer your customers a way to track their items until they arrive. By providing customers a way to track the status of their shipments on their own, it will make them feel like they are a bigger part of the process. Also, this added benefit makes shoppers more likely to work with you in the future whether that me online or at a storefront location.

Many companies will send complimentary emails once the customer package is processed and ready to be shipped. In this email, you can explain to the customer how they can track their items throughout the shipping process. Obviously, once you have created the initial email, it can simply have the numbers altered but the same information for each customer. This makes the process extremely simple for you and easily explained for your valuable buyers.

By giving your customers the ability to track items on their own, it will free up time for you as well. You will get less phone calls or emails concerning the whereabouts of parcels and if an issue does arise it will make finding the missing items much simpler. In the past, if an item took only a day longer than expected, you would be flooded with customers who had concerns on the location of their products. Now they can see exactly which city, state, etc. the parcel is in and an estimate of when it will show up.

Something else that makes having these capabilities extremely beneficial is that many companies make their customers visit their website to track the package they are expecting to arrive. This will give your company more visibility and lead to more sells. When a customer comes back to look at the status of their items, they may see another item that they would like to purchase which can lead to an additional sell.

Another way that having tracking software in place can help you as a business owner is that you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to shipment delays or issues. For example, during the winter months or busier business times, like Cyber Monday, shipments may be delayed. If you see that a parcel is taking longer than expected to arrive, you can contact the customer directly, which will give them better feelings about your customer service. Overall, having tracking capabilities available to your customers can not only improve their view on your company, it can save you time and lead to additional sells.

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